How is your company REALLY doing online?

A users experience of your website is a major factor considered by Google when content is being positioned on the search engine. It can make the difference between showing up on page one or page 20! Ouch! And because we hate to see good companies far back in the search engines we created the “Check my business online presence” service. 

Google rewards websites who provide users with a great experience, and they take their role as website recommenders  very seriously.

A great user experience involves: making sure the fonts you’re using load quickly and display at a size that is considered legible, the size of buttons and how closely they sit to other content on the page and the general ease-of-use and ability to navigate through pages.

Of course, design only makes up some of the considerations Google factors when determining the quality of a website (page speed and content quality are up there too). But, with the advent of user behavior leaning so heavily toward mobile, Google is placing a firm focus on mobile-first, making design more vital than ever. Meaning, it’s now less about making a website only look good on desktop. It must be easy-to-use on mobile and other devices.

Questions to ask if your website isn’t growing your business…

Does your website align with your brand and company image?

If you’re looking to achieve an  online presence of your company, there are decisions you need to make in terms of how your website looks in regards to branding. So, take a look at your website and see if it aligns with the overall picture or vision you have for your brand and company. Simply put, if you presented a potential customer with your logo, business cards or other branded material, would they align with the look of your website? Would they be the same?

Does your website make a positive first impression?

We all know first impressions are everything! Today website’s are sometimes that first impression and and not a sales person face to face in front of the customer. 

Your website is a place for you to control what the user sees, the messages they receive and the experience they have. If the look of your website doesn’t include good design and purposeful decisions then it is little more than holding spot on the internet, missing out on big opportunities for your business to grow and thrive. And thankfully with technology today, we can see where they go, where they exit, and all sorts of data and adjust in real time. Sweet!

What is your design currently doing for your website?

This is the most important question to ask yourself. If your design isn’t representing your brand in a way that not only makes you feel proud, but that is also not doing its job in terms of enjoyable user experience and conversions, it might be time to consider investing in a new one that works for you and your business.